Source code for markdown_it.presets

__all__ = ("commonmark", "default", "zero", "js_default", "gfm_like")

from ..utils import PresetType
from . import commonmark, default, zero

js_default = default

[docs]class gfm_like: # noqa: N801 """GitHub Flavoured Markdown (GFM) like. This adds the linkify, table and strikethrough components to CommmonMark. Note, it lacks task-list items and raw HTML filtering, to meet the the full GFM specification (see """
[docs] @staticmethod def make() -> PresetType: config = commonmark.make() config["components"]["core"]["rules"].append("linkify") config["components"]["block"]["rules"].append("table") config["components"]["inline"]["rules"].extend(["strikethrough", "linkify"]) config["components"]["inline"]["rules2"].append("strikethrough") config["options"]["linkify"] = True config["options"]["html"] = True return config