Source code for markdown_it.cli.parse

#!/usr/bin/env python
CLI interface to markdown-it-py

Parse one or more markdown files, convert each to HTML, and print to stdout.
from __future__ import annotations

import argparse
from import Iterable, Sequence
import sys

from markdown_it import __version__
from markdown_it.main import MarkdownIt

version_str = "markdown-it-py [version {}]".format(__version__)

[docs]def main(args: Sequence[str] | None = None) -> int: namespace = parse_args(args) if namespace.filenames: convert(namespace.filenames) else: interactive() return 0
[docs]def convert(filenames: Iterable[str]) -> None: for filename in filenames: convert_file(filename)
[docs]def convert_file(filename: str) -> None: """ Parse a Markdown file and dump the output to stdout. """ try: with open(filename, "r") as fin: rendered = MarkdownIt().render( print(rendered, end="") except OSError: sys.stderr.write(f'Cannot open file "{filename}".\n') sys.exit(1)
[docs]def interactive() -> None: """ Parse user input, dump to stdout, rinse and repeat. Python REPL style. """ print_heading() contents = [] more = False while True: try: prompt, more = ("... ", True) if more else (">>> ", True) contents.append(input(prompt) + "\n") except EOFError: print("\n" + MarkdownIt().render("\n".join(contents)), end="") more = False contents = [] except KeyboardInterrupt: print("\nExiting.") break
[docs]def parse_args(args: Sequence[str] | None) -> argparse.Namespace: """Parse input CLI arguments.""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Parse one or more markdown files, " "convert each to HTML, and print to stdout", # NOTE: Remember to update w/ the output of `markdown-it -h` epilog=( f""" Interactive: $ markdown-it markdown-it-py [version {__version__}] (interactive) Type Ctrl-D to complete input, or Ctrl-C to exit. >>> # Example ... > markdown *input* ... <h1>Example</h1> <blockquote> <p>markdown <em>input</em></p> </blockquote> Batch: $ markdown-it > index.html """ ), formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter, ) parser.add_argument("-v", "--version", action="version", version=version_str) parser.add_argument( "filenames", nargs="*", help="specify an optional list of files to convert" ) return parser.parse_args(args)
if __name__ == "__main__": exit_code = main(sys.argv[1:]) sys.exit(exit_code)